Meet the Team

SPEAK is a student run organization.

Our team is made up of volunteers from Central Academy:

  • Amy Huang is junior at Roosevelt
  • Anna Van Heukelom is a senior at Roosevelt
  • Blythe Ennis is a sophomore at Roosevelt
  • Connor Crabill is a junior at Roosevelt
  • Dylan Morgan is a junior at Roosevelt
  • Ethan James is a junior at Roosevelt
  • Greta Mally is a junior at Roosevelt
  • Jane Romp is a junior at Roosevelt
  • Jerry Jones is a senior at East
  • Jocelynn Luangdetmalay is a senior at Lincoln
  • Katie Suh is a senior at Roosevelt
  • Kevin Li is a senior at Hoover
  • Kevin Truong is a senior at North
  • Maddie Kahl is a junior at Roosevelt
  • Maeve Morrow is a senior at Roosevelt
  • Mindi Heeren is a sophomore at Hoover
  • Nyah Davis is a senior at Roosevelt
  • Rebecca Morris is a senior at Roosevelt
  • Tanner Drabek is a senior at Roosevelt
  • Tico Angel is a freshman at Van Meter
  • Victoria Yin is a senior at Roosevelt

In addition to the student team, we have amazing faculty and outside nonprofit support.

Involved adults include:

  • Dana Leman ([email protected]) is the Executive Vice President at, a charity that empowers youth to solve problems within their communities.