In order to run smoothly, operational responsibility is delegated among a number of committees. If you’re interested in helping out with SPEAK organization, please email [email protected] If you’re interested in any specific committee, please email the committee head (listed below).


Kevin Li is the committee head for the Outreach Committee. In his words:

“The Outreach Committee is responsible for SPEAK’s outreach efforts, including social media (Instagram: @speakcentralacademy, Snapchat: speakca) and printed posters and flyers, as well as the technical infrastructure, such as this website and our email system.”

For more information, you can reach Kevin at [email protected].

Be Real

Nyah Davis is the committee head for the Be Real Committee. In her words:

“The Be Real is a SPEAK publication intended to give students a place to talk about ‘low-lights’ of their lives, as opposed to the highlights. By allowing an open discussion of academic and personal difficulties, the Be Real aims to create a healthy, open dialogue surrounding mental health issues. Members of the Be Real committee collect and compile stories for the Be Real.”

Submissions can be sent to [email protected].

For more information, you can reach Nyah Davis at [email protected].


Maddie Kahl and Greta Mally are the committee heads for the Events Committee. In their words:

“The goal of the events committee is to host events that raise awareness about mental health in our community. We want to help inform and educate the community about mental health, and one way we are going to try to do this is through events. We also will use events to fundraise and as opportunities to improve everyone’s mental health.”

For more information, you can reach Maddie Kahl at [email protected] and Greta Mally at [email protected].