About Us

SPEAK, or Students Promoting Emotional Awareness and KidPowerment, is a pilot program at Des Moines Central Academy focused on defeating the stigma that surrounds mental health issues and instructing other people in how to help someone who may come to them in need of mental health help.

Our goal is to support students emotionally, not just academically.

Our Vision is to make the dialogue surrounding mental health commonplace and promote resilience, contentment, empathy, and positivity.

Our Mission is to implement programs within the school environment that advocate for the development and success of each individual student by addressing emotional needs through peer-to-peer support, education, awareness, and access to community resources.

We believe that the first responders to students in crisis are their peers, so students must be given the tools and resources necessary to support one another, as well as the tools and resources to support themselves.

Here’s a link to our Central Academy Page!